Starting A Blog

Blogging is a great way to express yourself, communicate or spread information and news. It’s not that I didn’t know what a blog was but more that I didn’t know exactly how to do it. Writing comes naturally to me but blogging seemed to be more than writing. It was figuring out first what would peak people’s interest you know, grab their attention and have them say ‘I want to read that’. I’m sure that none of you would want to hear me complain about my life, job and financial status. You could just as easily hop on any social site to read others hardships and drama. So with that being said, my first official blog as a new blogger consists of a few tips to help new bloggers and potential bloggers get some ideas on how to blog.

There are quite a few free blog sites to choose from if you are looking to get into blogging. Most of them have a tutorial while creating your blog that will help you to learn to use the site. Here is a list of ten to help you out.

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  • 10.

Blog Title

First thing is first. You want readers to find, engage, and convert on your content. A blog title is the first interaction that a potential reader has with any blog post. So, it’s important for a blog title to be catchy enough to make a great first impression. But beware, even if you have a catchy title the content needs to match or exceed what the title gave the impression of. Don’t give an extraordinary title to represent an average or maybe below average blog post.


Give People Knowledge

Unless your blog is strictly for your own enjoyment, you’re probably hoping to gain readers. So, it’s important to consider what others might want to read. I myself read quite a few blogs and some of the things that interest me are blogs about things I don’t know. People want to learn and reading is a major part of learning. So while reading lays a foundation for grammar in their brain, why not blog about something they may not have known and that they can add to the collection of knowledge they have. Maybe you have a hobby that you would like to share with the world. Maybe you like automobiles, electronics, music, astronomy, robotics, pyrotechnics, airbrushing, C++, belly dancing, architecture, cosplay, parkour or even yoga. Blog about these types of things and give instructions or tutorials on how to do what you do.



People like to be entertained. With Youtube, Vine, Facebook and other entertainment options on the internet this could be a little tricky but you can do it. People get tired of the same old things and start looking for something new. Give them that ‘NEW’ by blogging about something totally unique. Do you have a story that can get some laughs? Do you like to tell jokes? Maybe you already have this kickass video channel with an outrageous amount of viewers. Blog about your channel and provide a link so that your readers can also see some of your other works. Are you a musician? Try sharing some of your work or some equipment that you use.

Current Events And News

Keep your readers up to date with current events or world news. Choose what you want the world to know and share it. Pose questions on the topics that will get people thinking about things.

Boosting Your Readers

I borrowed this one from BloggingBasics101. It helped me and I’m sure it will help you to. Head on over to their site to read 7 Ways To Boost Your Success As A Blogger.


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