Tago Arc Smart Bracelet Blends E-Ink And NFC


From gizmos to trinkets: the era of smart jewelry is upon us, with makers and businesses of all stripes and sizes busy mixing electronics and sensors with ‘fashion-friendly’ designs intended to be displayed proudly on the person.

Sure your Fitbit wristlet is technically a wearable but it’s not going to be garnering aesthetic attention and is probably intentionally tucked under your cuff. (Perhaps to hide the rash it’s given you…). And so another category of wearables is hoping to push in here — trying to convince consumers to shell out for a trinket whose primary ‘smart’ is the ability to change how it looks, mostly just for kicks and/or notifications.

Last fall, for instance, Sony outed a minimalist e-paper smartwatch, called the FES Watch. It’s due to ship later this year. The watch face and band designs can customizable by the user, thanks to the use of low-power e-ink tech. This is e-ink as a fashion fabric.

And that’s just the…

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