Pebble Time (smartwatch)

A campaign for the new Pebble Time watch, developed by Pebble Technology Corporation, had generated a $500,000 goal in the first 32 minutes of it’s campaign. 15 minutes later, that doubled to $1 Million. That’s amazing if you ask me. It appears that the campaign joins several others in the Top 5 most funded projects to ever hit the site generating over $6.5 Million in a half a day and the numbers are still growing currently at $8.3 Million. The others, The Ouya console ($8.5M), The Oatmeal’s Exploding Kittens card game ($8.7M), the original Pebble ($10.2M), and the Coolest cooler ($13.2M). All of those had a month-plus to earn their totals.

Pebble Time boasts a 7 day battery charge, a color e-paper display, water resistance up to 50 Meters, a fitness tracker and runs Pebble OS 3.0.

Retail price will be $199.

If you are interested in funding the Pebble Time, head on over to their kickstarter campaign.

Several pledges are available starting at $159.


verge-004_0 verge-006_0         (above photos courtesy of


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